When the world burns
down to ashes
I’ll stand in the pews
and start laughing
God is a fragile horse
Satan is a fraudulent flatuation
I am infatuated with
Born to die in a basket
I was dropped off on the porch
of a lucipherian whorehouse
determined to suck the grease from the floor
of a hoarding minority
hell-bent on destroying
the boarded-up houses
that sway swiftly in the White House’s
The dwarves the Hobbits & the Goblins
hide inside the busted windows
of a world on the brink of freakdom
When the world burns
down to ashes
you can bet hell that
I’ll be the one supplying the gasses
Because only villains will suffer
the result of foreign goldmines
overflowing with salt and grime
Only anti-heroes will benefit from
the squalor of an apathetic childhood
Offsprings of the riotous ones
And finally
only heroes will die in
burning railroad cars
as the Nobodys ride past
having highjacked the entire train
hell-bent on leaving this country
and trading minerals for wine
when they make it overseas
When the world burns
down to ashes
I’ll kiss the anarchist’s asses
and bury the hatchet deep
into the past
When life amounts to nothing
I’ll say I knew it all along
that life was just like a box of
cherry bombs
ready to drop and obstruct
the Justice Police
and the corrupted janitors
scrubbing clean the White House’s bathrooms
will explode the moment Jesus
Christ turns the toilet water to
So when the world burns
down to ashes
I’ll be standing on the frontline
watching the fascist bastards
curl up and die
Smoke the fumes
Wear the ashes as perfume
Defuse the worldly corruption
and confuse the construction
Dilute the production
and conspire to destruct
When the world burns
down to ashes
I might just throw up
a wasted bucket of
forgotten tears

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