Car Crash

I pulled the van around on the patch of grass, lined myself up with the short fern, and floored it; the van shot forward >>>  Rumbling.  I hit the short hill, went up up up, and———the fern cut the bumper in half.  I surged forward, the airbags released, my waist bent and my face met the airbag head-on.  Then I opened the door and stepped out dizzy.  The ground was seesawing and the anger was gone and I found a dry spot in between the tire tracks to lie down and take a nap\\\

Earlier today I was in court.  I was in court for Possession of Cocaine.

After the hearing, me and Samantha got into a fight—what we fought about I cannot remember.

I was already in my van.  I was steaming.

I soared out of the courthouse parking lot.

From behind where I lay, I heard a man’s voice: “Are you okay?”

I sat up and saw a man hurrying straight toward me.

On the highway now I traversed in and out of cars.

The man reached me and said: “I thought you were ejected from your car!”

I cut into the breakdown lane and onto the shoulder of the highway and pushed through sign after sign.  With a metallic clunk!, the bars holding up the signs broke and the metal plaques smacked the roof of my van.

“I’m fine,” I told him.  “Really, I am.”

I was hotdogging in and out of cars.  Horns wailed but I didn’t care at all, I just kept on going.  I hit the off-ramp in a flurry of speed and pushed over the medium onto the onramp but kept going off, but then spun right and descended the off-ramp, then right and hurried up the onramp///and around&around I went.

“I called the cops,” the man said.  “I thought you were ejected.”

I spun right and hit the grass and did donuts until I straightened the van and tried to jump a fern.

But it was really a short tree, it turned out, and the wheels barely left the ground.

“Fuck!” I spat, as the man hurried back to his car and got in and drove off.  “I’m so fucked.”

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