And She Smiles

On the brink of war
I stare across the brigade
and watch them wondering
what it was
that I had ever felt
these things called love
called lust
called feelings & emotions the works
I question my morality
distance myself from
this face staring back at me
every morning
till one of us dies
This face across the dinner table
Standing at the epoch
of battle
Marching through
the woes of hatred
This love
I examine my vows
the promises we made
I probe my commitment
This face
She stares quizzically at me
I ask myself
Is this real?
Was it ever real?
Such hatred we feel
In the dismal display of affection
an erratic sensation
a regret I curse myself for feeling
Until a new day comes
and she smiles
There’s a calm that comes
at the end of the storm
and she smiles
A query worth a thousand tears
We lie in bed
Her eyes sweet as an ice cream sundae
Her emotions heavy as a hurricane
We share our thoughts
as a new day rises
become one wrapped in veils of
At the face of destruction
we wage war
I forget
her smile
and she smiles
This everlasting romance
struck by a slash of fear
a hint of anger
a frustration that makes us wary
We fall to our knees
once we retreat
and she smiles at me
In bed she lies
I never want to forget

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