Don’t prosecute me!

I cannot control what I am
All I can do is choose
what to do with it
I am a straight white man
I hate no one
I have no hangups
or resentments
I choose not to
control & manipulate
Yes there are quite a few
bad seeds in my demographic
But don’t group me with them
because I am not
the same
Hatred for another creed
directed toward
what we cannot understand
I am a straight white man
Don’t prosecute me
for hate crimes I
took no part in
Don’t penalize me for
the actions of bigots
I am not a bigot
Sure, on my bad days
I can hate like the rest
It’s easy to point one’s finger
at differing forces
It’s just too easy to
place the blame
Need a scape goat?
Black men are thieves
Women are whores
Mexicans are lazy
White men are racists
And if I get hit on by
just one more gay guy
I might scream
because I don’t wanna catch their disease
Need a scape goat!
It’s so easy
but what about me
What does that say about
I’m no saint
I’m just like them
I’m a thief
I’m a whore
I’m lazy
I’m a racist
I have a disease
And yet
who I am
the color of my skin
my gender
my sexual preferences
my height
my size
my clothes
the music I listen to
the cigarettes I smoke
my voice
!!!My Voice!!!
——Oh yes, my voice
————this is my voice!
it all comes into question
Judged and ridiculed
Blamed and chastised
For what?
Because the people of my race
hated you
for your race
and now you’re doing the same
to me///

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