New Work

There we go again >>>

I always think
it’s pretty damn amazing
when I’m remembered
The masses of
the human race
only represent a blip
on my radar screen
in that I can see the same person
ten times a week
but every time I see them
they don’t register as someone
I’ve seen before
——someone that stands out
You live in a small town
like Burlington, VT, for example
and here there are a ton of
hot college girls
who wander the streets
for any number of reasons
and I check em out
as they pass me by
and I always check em out
as they enter my field of vision
and every time I see em
standing passing leaning chatting
I bet I’ve gawked
——and gawked
at the same girls
a thousand times over
only every time I see em it’s like
looking at someone new
someone I’d never quite noticed before
————because to me the girls in question
register as nothing but a blip
on my radar screen/
nothing memorable about her
in any way at all
All these college douchebags who
look at me like I’m their lunch meat
All these studious men & women
who look down at me like I’m nothing
——Lower than
They all have nothing special
about them that
stands out like the few I see around
but don’t know their names
and every time I see them I say:
Hey, there she goes again
There he goes with his girl in tow
It’s the girl with the pale white hair
and the safety-pin through her nose
The guy with golden blond hair
who walks like a cheetah
and talks like a shark
The fat girl who wears
too tight clothes as if all the clothes
fit her quite well
The guy who hunches when he walks
stutters when he talks
cross-eyed and poorly dressed
but always strides down
the same side of the street
every single day
at the same exact time
like he’s on a mission from God
completely untouchable

Two nights ago my wife and I
went to a massive casino
in Saratoga Springs, NY
and the place was packed with slots
brimming with greed
overflowing with
hungry-eyed tourists and locals
wanting to make an easy buck
or perhaps seeking a thrill or two
——while here on vacation
—something new
————which hasn’t been done
over & over
At the door the bouncer asked us for IDs
I slipped mine out of my wallet
She slipped her wallet out of her purse
then shortly her ID appeared too
We went into the establishment and
it was packed
——and I mean packed!
Never seen so many people
all crammed up
in one single place
The following night we went back
and there were two bouncers
working the door
The small, wrinkly-faced one
asked for our IDs
whereas the big bouncer
with thick fingers and an even thicker chin
stopped us and said:
“Don’t worry about it
I remember you two from
last night”—but
I couldn’t remember this guy
The smaller one said: “Oh
I wasn’t here last night”
and we entered the place
and it was still just as packed
I wondered: With all the people
that pass through this joint daily
—from locals
———to out-of-towners
the bouncer must either possess

a super good memory
or maybe we just have
one of those memorable auras
together as a couple
and a style that’s pretty hard to

Together we made quite the
memorable pair